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Winter Warm-ups!

POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON January 21, 2014

The Polar Vortex has nothing on us.

Ah the polar vortex.  Apparently it returned. In January.  In Ottawa.  None of us are really surprised, but the winter deep freeze is challenging to endure even for the heartiest of us.  Thankfully, here at the Ottawa Bagelshop we have some great ideas to warm you up this winter season which includes a coupon that can be used for 15% any of our teas!

Hot Bagels

Ok, I know I’ve talked about the greatness of hot bagels before, but really – they’re pretty great.  In days of yore when I was a bagel packer here at the Ottawa Bagelshop and for my family at St. Viateur Bagel in Montreal – on those chilly days I would stand by the top of the bagel bin and warm my hands on the heat radiating from the bagels.  It was a pretty great perk of the job.  Obviously I can’t offer this experience to our customers, but I can suggest that you hug your bag of hot bagels gently while you wait in line or peruse the store. Hugging too tight risks squishing the warm darlings.   We won’t judge, I promise.  Bagel bag hugging is totally acceptable, especially this time of year.DSC_0639

Authentic Hot Chocolate.

We offer a decadent hot chocolate that will warm your spirits and satisfy your chocolate craving.  Thick, rich, and truly chocolatey – this warm drink is made to order with only the finest ingredients.  Shaved Calebaut dark chocolate is the main ingredient in this amazing drink.  Created here at Ottawa Bagelshop, this is an exclusive hot chocolate experience that will keep you warm for hours during the long Ottawa winter.  Peace out, polar vortex, you don’t have a hold on us!

Bonnie warms her hands on our Aunthentic Hot Chocolate

Bonnie warms her hands on our Aunthentic Hot Chocolate

A Tea for Two or Two for Tea

It’s not news that a warm cup of tea is comforting and healing during these blustery days.  But it may be news that we carry well over 150 types of tea.  We carry almost the complete line of Republic of Tea, Taylor’s of Harrowgate (the Queen’s tea!) and have quite the selection from Te Forte (One of Oprah’s favourite things – does she still have influence these days?), Stash Tea, Yogi, and Sens tea and many more.  Come take a gander and try something new – who knows it might become one of your favourite things as well.  We’re offering 15% off all our teas when you print out or show this coupon!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Grilled Cheese Please.

Cold weather demands comfort.  Anyone who has to wait for a bus or walk home in -30C knows that sweet feeling when your body meets warmth for the first time after being outside.  Relief is literally felt in your fingers and toes as your extremities defrost.  But being out in the cold makes you crabby nonetheless and it’s time to feel good from the inside out.  Enter Grilled Cheese – the ultimate kid food that can be made for adults with ease and aplomb.  I personally believe that the Ottawa Bagelshop can be a grilled-cheese mecca with all the different types of bread and cheeses we have available. Put some butter on the outside of the bread, slice or grate the cheese on one slice, place the other slice on top and fry ‘er up on med-high heat!  Here are some combos that are sure to bring you comfort and warmth.
Rideau Bakery Challah Bread and Gruyère (eggy and simple)

True Loaf Raisin Chai Bread and Balderson 2 year old  Cheddar (sweet and sharp)

Premiere Moisson Baguette and Fontina Cheese  (a true classic of melty, gooey comfort)