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Cheese: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON March 22, 2018

Tips on how to preserve cheese at home, from the Ottawa Bagelshop’s resident cheesemonger, Sebastien Belisle We all love cheese (duh), which means that when you take a trip to the Ottawa Bagelshop and Deli to buy some, it’s all too easy to realize after the fact that your eyes were, in fact, significantly bigger…

Brunch – Best Meal of any day!

POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON March 1, 2018

Brunch is clearly important to Canadians and is the best way to spend a Saturday or Sunday. What is better than waking up late, eating some good food, and catching up with your friends? Although it is fun to try out new restaurants, it can also be just as fun to host your own brunch….

An insight into running a family business

POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON February 4, 2018

My dad started the Bagelshop when I was two. I literally have no memory without it being somewhere in the background. It shaped and steered and provided for my family in almost every conceivable way.   As a young child, I didn’t really know what my dad did every day, but I knew that he…

Honouring Mom

POSTED BY Allison Aitken ON May 2, 2016

Next weekend, families across Canada will express their gratitude for the special someone in their life – Mom. These incredible women nurtured, taught, loved and helped you through life’s challenges. So, in addition to the cards and the flowers, why don’t you make Mom’s day a little bit more special with a helping hand from…

Hippity Hop, over to the Bagelshop

POSTED BY Allison Aitken ON March 18, 2016

This Easter, it’s perfectly safe to put all your eggs in one basket. We’ve got you covered with a great selection of local artisan chocolates, sweets, baked goods and much more. Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate! Skip the seasonal aisle at the grocery store with the cheap, low-quality chocolate! We have delectable eggs, bunnies and…

Montreal-Style Bagel 101

POSTED BY Allison Aitken ON March 1, 2016

What makes a bagel “Montreal-Style?” There’s a lot of debate about which city makes the best bagels in the biz. The Montreal-style bagel is different than other bagel variations in that it’s handmade with love and wood-fired. It’s smaller, thinner, sweeter and denser than the New York Bagel. Visually, it has a large hole and…

Bitters, Cordials, and Mixes, oh my!

POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON December 5, 2014

Bitters for Sale in Ottawa! It is entertainment season,  and many people are- wanting to impress their friends and relatives by being the “host with the most”.  Or maybe they just  don’t want to burn down the kitchen.  Whatever your motivations are, it’s always a treat to be a guest or a host at private functions…

The Great Expectations Basket

POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON October 15, 2014

As the months pass by it is clear that new and exciting things are happening at the Bagelshop.  That yes indeed, we are ‘growing’ the family business, and there is one more bagel in the oven.  If you have popped in the store my condition is quite obvious at this point, and I’m happy to…

30th Anniversary Approaches!

POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON March 29, 2014

30 years of stories. At the end of April we will be celebrating 30 years in business. To celebrate this exciting milestone we would like to honour the years of hard work and diligence by my dad and my mom, and by all the amazing staff we have had over the years.  But most of…

H’Art of Ottawa is back for its 10th year!

POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON March 8, 2014

Ottawa Bagelshop loves H’Art of Ottawa On March 13th we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our collaboration with H’Art of Ottawa.  This wonderful organization will be filling our walls with beautiful, colourful art full of whimsy and joy.  Please take your time to look at the selection that will be available for sale from…

Family Day Forever!

POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON February 24, 2014

Once a Bagel family, always a bagel family. This year’s family day was a beautiful one.  Cold, but extremely sunny and beautiful in that winter way that Ottawa does so well.  We were closed as some of our staff have young children, and many enjoy their well-deserved day off.  I couldn’t help but feel inspired…

Winter Warm-ups!

POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON January 21, 2014

The Polar Vortex has nothing on us. Ah the polar vortex.  Apparently it returned. In January.  In Ottawa.  None of us are really surprised, but the winter deep freeze is challenging to endure even for the heartiest of us.  Thankfully, here at the Ottawa Bagelshop we have some great ideas to warm you up this…