Local Ottawa Products

We are so lucky that the Ottawa Valley and Outaouais is rife with wonderful producers of local products.  Please peruse our very talented food artisans below.


True Loaf*Vince’s Choice* Artisanal breads that don’t disappoint.  Made fresh Tuesday through Saturday.

Nat’s Bread:  One of our newest products.  Check out Ottawa’s “next great bread baker”.

Rideau Bakery: An Ottawa institution – they have been making European style bread for generations.

Art Is In Bakery: Dense, delicious, and naturally leavened breads with a very delicate tang.


michaelsdolce: Not only does Michael make amazing jams, he’s also a very talented food photographer!  (All the of the images on the website were taken by him.)  Michael pairs fresh fruit with a variety of spices and infusions to create a deliciously unique product.

La ferme älska:  This maple syrup comes just a short drive from the Quebec side, and we’re so glad they found us.  A wonderful maple syrup whose darker colour means a richer maple taste.  Perfect for pancakes or french toast, or even Seed to Sausage Bacon.

Heavenly Honey:  A family business that for 20 years has been producing gourmet honey products.

Siren Bakery Granola:  Where Granola gets a healthy makeover but remains delicious!

Chocolates:  We carry a variety of local artisanal chocolates, check them out here!

Beer Snacks: Delicious snacks inspired by international flavours, perfect for enjoying with fizzy beverages or beer.



Seed to Sausage: Delicious deli meats, sausages, bacon and more. Try the Bacon, it’s worth it. Wonderful flavors, the highest quality of meat – and it’s local? What more could you want?

Mrs. McGarrigles:  We carry a huge selection of her gourmet mustards.  For years she has been producing these amazing products from near-by Merrickville.

The Garlic Box: A family-run business which grows, develops, and manufactures premium foods made with Ontario grown garlic.


Everything else!

Split Tree: Small batch, hand crafted cocktail mixes using whole fresh ingredients, no artificial preservatives, and nothing you can’t pronounce.





Similar Products Include:

International Products

We love food from all over the world! What a wonderful way to experience the tastes and smells of other countries without leaving your doorstep. Try something new today.

Deli and Olive Bar

With a huge selection of only the top quality deli meats, you can make your sandwiches right! Meanwhile, our olives and antipasti bar celebrates the mediterranean with flair!


We pride ourselves on having one of Ottawa's BEST cheese selections. We have over 400 varieties of cheese, what's your favourite?

Cakes and Pastries

We have so many delicious cakes and pastries to entice your sweet tooth. We have been carrying the Dufflet line for many years because every single one of her confections is of the highest quality, and is sure to please.


We have so many top qualtiy local and international chocolates to choose from - so tempting, and yet so difficult to choose!


We have a wonderful selection of teas from across the world.

National Products

Canadian products are great, eh? Come in and try something new, today!

Bagel Products

We manufacture more than just bagels, click here to get more info on our finger-bagels, teething bagels, matzo and bagel crisps!