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Montreal-Style Bagel 101

POSTED BY Allison Aitken ON March 1, 2016

What makes a bagel “Montreal-Style?”
There’s a lot of debate about which city makes the best bagels in the biz. The Montreal-style bagel is different than other bagel variations in that it’s handmade with love and wood-fired. It’s smaller, thinner, sweeter and denser than the New York Bagel. Visually, it has a large hole and no two are exactly alike.


Authentic. Delicious. Kosher.
Our classic bagel dough is made fresh with simple ingredients: flour, malt flower, sugar, eggs, vegetable oil, yeast and honey. Since opening our doors in 1984, our classic flavours have been preservative, additive, salt and dairy free.

Bagel-making is an art, and part of its charm is that preparation is done in plain view of our customers. The process starts with slicing, hand-rolling and shaping the dough into rings. The bagels are then boiled in honey-sweetened water, strained and dressed. They’re placed on a 9-foot plank of wood called a sheba, and slid into the special wood-fired oven. The sheba is used to expertly move the bagels towards and away from the fire at just the right moment. The fire simultaneously smokes and bakes them to a beautiful golden brown.

History & Fun Facts

  • The bagel (or beigel) is a bread product originating in Poland. While its exact beginnings are unclear, the first known mention of the bagel was in 1610.
  • The original Montreal-style bagel recipe was brought to North America by Jewish immigrants from Poland and other Eastern European countries.
  • Montreal-style bagels are the only variation that has been to space! Astronaut Gregory Chamitoff brought three bags of sesame bagels with him on his assignments.
    One thing is for sure, nothing satisfies cravings and hunger pangs as much as a delicious Montreal-style bagel.


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