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Honouring Mom

POSTED BY Allison Aitken ON May 2, 2016

Next weekend, families across Canada will express their gratitude for the special someone in their life – Mom. These incredible women nurtured, taught, loved and helped you through life’s challenges.

So, in addition to the cards and the flowers, why don’t you make Mom’s day a little bit more special with a helping hand from The Ottawa Bagelshop?

Mother's Day Collage

  • Let mom sleep in while you dash out to pick up some lox, bagels, cream cheese and fresh squeezed OJ. She’ll appreciate the extra shut-eye and will be thrilled when you bring her breakfast in bed. Just try not to get crumbs on the sheets.
  • Or, if you feel like getting out of the house, why don’t you take mom out for brunch at the Bagelshop? For families with kids who get up at first light, we open at 6:30am. Don’t worry, we have lots of delicious fair trade coffee to get you energized for the day.
  • For the mom who loves sweets, we have cakes, chocolates and pastries galore from Toronto’s Dufflet bakery.
  • Choose from our wide selection of delicious cheeses and crackers and make a savoury platter for entertaining. Top it off with a side order of wine for a truly classy affair. Don’t forget to check out our sheep’s milk and goat’s milk cheeses too!
  • Can’t be bothered to cook this Mother’s Day? Pick up a home cooked meal, made by our team members Zophia and Marcel. It’ll taste just like mom or dad made it.


flaxseedBagel of the Month: Flaxseed

Flaxseed is derived from the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum). There are two varieties – brown and golden – which differ in slightly in taste but are both beneficial to health. Golden flaxseed is smooth and nutty, whereas brown flaxseed is nutty with earthy undertones. Many people consider it a super food, because it’s rich in fiber and protein. It can be toasted or ground down before adding to baked goods.