The Bagelshop Story


My father, Vincenzo Piazza, started the Ottawa Bagelshop and Deli in 1984, when I was two years old. I grew up in and around the store and have developed a personal relationship with it, several of the people that have worked there throughout the years, and the clientele that have walked through our doors.

The keystone of our business is the Montreal-style bagel. My father brought the first wood-burning bagel oven to Ontario (he actually set a legal precedence for wood-burning ovens in Ontario) in 1984 and with the help of his brother-in-law, Joe Morena, owner of St-Viateur Bagel in Montreal, they set up a 900 sq. ft bagelshop in what is now trendy Wellington Village. Together, they brought the Montreal-style bagel straight from the source, and began the art of bagel-making in Ottawa.  Almost 30 years later, the shop has grown 800%, and is no longer just bagels.  My dad’s passion and knowledge for food stems from over 50 years experience in the food business.

Throughout the years my father has extended the offerings of the shop from just bagels to other gourmet items such as cheeses, oils, teas, jams, mustards, and other gourmet must-haves. We pride ourselves on finding innovative, delicious quality products to stock our shelves. Because of this, the inventory of the store is composed of close to 8,000 different local, national, and international products.

With fresh, hot bagels coming out of our oven throughout the day, it’s easy to see how our Bagelsubs sandwiches are some of the best of the city.  Made with only the top quality deli meats and cheeses and the freshest ingredients, these sandwiches are made to order along with delicious breakfasts and platters.  Our daily hot buffet and homemade soups offers food from around the world that boasts gourmet quality that can satisfy any palette.

The Bagelshop is the go-to place for anything and everything gourmet in Ottawa, and I’m so proud to be a part of it.