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H’Art of Ottawa is back for its 10th year!

POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON March 8, 2014

Ottawa Bagelshop loves H’Art of Ottawa

On March 13th we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our collaboration with H’Art of Ottawa.  This wonderful organization will be filling our walls with beautiful, colourful art full of whimsy and joy.  Please take your time to look at the selection that will be available for sale from March 13 until May 12.  All proceeds go to H’Art of Ottawa to help support their fantastic programme.  hartottawa

 What is H’Art of Ottawa?

H’Art of Ottawa is a non-profit visual arts studio and literacy program for adults with a developmental disability.  It opened its doors in 2002 in response to the need for meaningful programs for these members of our community.  H’Art is also inspired by a strong belief that people with a developmental disability can be productive members of our society. annastripgiraffezebra

 How does H’art of Ottawa work?

Each artist at the H’Art studio participates in group discussions, as well as self-focused activities such as journaling, drawing and painting. The artists learn to transform their ideas and emotions into written words and art.  At H’Art, we believe that through this process of visual learning, the artists develop skills that can be used to help each one realize their full potential and improve their quality of life.

More than 40 artists participate on a regular basis.  The program follows an innovative approach that allows staff and volunteers to work with the artists to develop self-expression, independence and entrepreneurial skills.  The art is exhibited in various community venues and galleries throughout the year in the City of Ottawa.  Following a revenue-sharing approach, the artists work together to present and sell their work.bahamawaters_elaine

 Why is H’Art of Ottawa important?

H’Art fosters a sense of belonging and participation in the community: each artist knows they are making a unique contribution to the cultural life of Ottawa.  With each art show, the studio and its artists reach out to connect, and Ottawa has opened its arms wide to embrace the colour, the enthusiasm, and the spirit of H’Art’s talented artists.

For more information or to make a charitable donation please go to:

H’Art of Ottawa

Canada Helps