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Gift Baskets are for Giving (I know, right)!!

POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON November 28, 2013

Here at the Ottawa Bagelshop and Deli we’re really proud of all of our many amazing products that fill our shelves.  So many, in fact, that sometimes you might miss that little special something.  Thankfully, for any and every holiday season we make all your gift-giving a breeze with our deluxe gift baskets. Whether for your favourite foodie or a much deserving colleague or staff, these gift baskets bring out the true spirit and joy of gift-giving.  Here are some reasons we think your holiday season should include our gift baskets…Just a few of our available themed gift-baskets!

Just a few of our available themed gift-baskets!

Give the gift of indulgence.

We have over 8000 products from which to choose; many are the best of their kind in the world.  From chocolates, to jams, to specialty olive oils, our baskets create an epicurean spark your loved ones and co-workers alike will cherish all season long.  With so much to absorb on our shelves, many of our products might be overlooked. Fret not!  Let us transform this ocular buffet into a tailor-made collection of your favourite indulgences.  You never know what new sensation is waiting for you with our gift baskets;  it might just be the eye-opening, mouth-watering, soul-satisfying split second of utter euphoria that will create a lasting memory for years to come.  Sounds pretty much like the perfect gift experience, does it not?  But the gift does not end with the basket itself, my friends.  Because we believe you and your loved ones will fall in love with our products as we all have, for every custom-made basket purchased over $150, we’ll include a $15.00 gift certificate in the basket for no charge! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Some of our premier Oils and Vinegars!

Some of our premier Oils and Vinegars!

 Specialty Diets are our specialty!

Gluten-free?  No problem!  Kosher?  Done and done.  Vegan? Give us a difficult one!   Kosher and Gluten free? We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again!  We believe gift-giving is a universal experience.  Because we have so many great products coupled with our amazing and knowlegable staff, we are convinced that there can be joy found for each and every lover of food, regardless of their individual needs.



“Custom-made” customer service.

We pride ourselves on finding the best products on our shelves to suit your culinary needs.  However, there are certain things that cannot be found under our little red awning.  We will happily include a bottle of wine or spirits that you provide in our baskets, as well as any special mementos or non-food items you would like to bring.  Why not add a very personal touch to your basket?  Remember the ticket stub you’ve been keeping from that special first date years ago with your then-girlfriend and now-wife?  Wouldn’t it be nicely paired with a bag of Roger’s decadent carmel corn!?!? Delicious and thoughtful!  We also understand that this time of year may be hectic with so much to do and so many to remember.  Let us take some of the work off of  your plate. We will hand-deliver anywhere in the city of Ottawa for any basket over $85 for a nominal fee.

Who loves jams, jellies, and marmalades? We do!

Who loves jams, jellies, and marmalades? We do!

 Feast with your eyes and your mouth

Our basket makers are artists in their own right, and they use only the highest quality baskets and wrapping materials to match the quality within the basket.  Presents for the palette and peepers alike.


Three lovely baskets sitting in a row.

 Variety is the spice of life

Add a personal touch to your gifting by finding a special theme for your giftee! Chocolate lover? Not a problem! Connoisseur of fine teas? We have a basket for that too. Our ready-made baskets are perfect for the non-discerning gifter. Quick and easy gifts without sacrificing quality or variety. Remember, we also make anything custom-made for you and your needs.