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Family Day Forever!

POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON February 24, 2014

Once a Bagel family, always a bagel family.

This year’s family day was a beautiful one.  Cold, but extremely sunny and beautiful in that winter way that Ottawa does so well.  We were closed as some of our staff have young children, and many enjoy their well-deserved day off.  I couldn’t help but feel inspired by family day, as we feel that it’s important that all families big and small can feel comfortable and welcome at our store.  Here are a few reasons why I love seeing families at the Bagelshop every day.

 1. Baby’s first time out

This is by far the most exciting privilege we have as a store and restaurant.  Proud parents feel safe enough and the Bagelshop is accessible enough for them to bring their little newborns to us for the first time.  Often times you see the new mom or dad carrying the huge baby seat and in the middle of it beneath cap and blankets is a very new person out in the world for the first time.  Their littleness is shocking every single time, but the parents beam and say that this is the first outing they have had since bringing baby home.  The look of exhaustion and pride and love on these parents faces makes me so glad that we can provide them with a safe, warm, delicious place to visit. Bagel babies forever!


 2. Baby grows up

We have kids come in to the store that look forward to seeing specific staff members.  Their parents are regular customers, and the kids grow up before our very eyes.   Soon,  our staff becomes “bagelman!”  or “bagel-lady!”  and the kid lights up when they come into the store.  That or all of the candy and jelly-beans that are at their eye-level.  Either way seeing kids happy faces in the store makes all of us happy.

Bagels fit perfectly into little hands

Bagels fit perfectly into little hands

 3. Generations together

Because of our spacious dining room and ramp, it’s very easy for parents and grandparent’s cart up the strollers and wagons that tends to come with little kid territory.   We can easily host larger family meals where one family can have three (or four) generations sharing a table and enjoy a fresh home made meal without having to clean up!

Love these Ottawa Bagelshop onesies?  Come to the store and ask for Liliana!

Love these Ottawa Bagelshop onesies? Come to the store and ask for Liliana!

 4. Bagels can say ‘I love you’ for years!

I can say this because I have literally been eating bagels almost every day for 30 years.    And I have never tired of them.  My sister and I were the very first bagel babies as the store opened when we 4 and 2 years old. This past holiday season parents clamored to stock up for their big kids returning home from university.  Some of the parents were first-time empty nesters and were missing their kids so much and couldn’t wait to shower them with their favourite things, including our bagels to munch on.  What a joy it is to be a part of so many family’s traditions.  That a simple bagel has the ability to bring people together.  To thank our many families for joining us week after week we’re offering half-off kid’s breakfast with this online coupon!