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POSTED BY Allison Aitken ON April 1, 2016

You have enough on your mind when planning an event. Simplify your life by catering! We take all of the stress out of preparing a big meal, so you can rest assured that your guests will be taken care of, and their bellies filled.

For 25 years, we’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of clients create memorable events and celebrations. We provide you with delicious dishes, made only with quality ingredients. All products have been carefully selected and prepared in generous portions and presented with care.

We offer catering for a wide range of corporate and private events. Regardless of the style of event, our personalized service will give you an opportunity to enjoy time with your guests.


catering platter


Corporate Lunches

Lunch on you, boss? For your next meal at the office, you can’t go wrong with The Bagelshop Platter. It’s an assortment of delicious Bagelsubs, cut in half and garnished with olives and pickles. We have a great variety of deli and veggie options. The difference between us and the other guys? Quality deli meats, excellent cheeses, and generous portions.



Our Smoked Salmon Platter is always a crowd-pleaser at bridal and baby showers. You’ll get our famous bagels, cream cheese and a generous portion of smoked salmon, garnished with sliced tomatoes, Spanish onions, cucumbers, and capers.


Birthday Parties

Blow out the candles, then indulge in our big selection of Dessert Platters! Take your pick from our Deluxe Dessert Platter from Dufflet pastries, Cookies and Squares Platter, freshly baked cookies by the dozen, and whole cakes and pies.


Sit-down Dinners

We promise your guests won’t go hungry after ordering the Epicurean Delight Platter. It has generous portions of the best smoked meat in Ottawa, roast turkey breast, roast beef, Hungarian salami, sliced provolone cheese, and the Bagelshop’s own gourmet salmon. Served with tomato slices, Spanish onions, Sicilian olives, hearts of palm, dill pickles, dijon mustard and mayonnaise. This platter also includes two of our gourmet salads, freshly baked bagels and Rideau Bakery rye bread.


Cocktail Parties

Our Mini Lox Platter and Mini Meat Platter are perfect for circulating appetizers at your next soirée. Delicious open-faced smoked salmon mini-bagels or bagel-sliders with smoked meat and roast beef. Mmm!


Still hungry? Check out our Gourmet Cheese Platter, Bagelman’s Spread Platter, Fresh Fruit Platter, Breakfast Platters, Veggie Platter and Drinks.


You can count on personalized attention and trust us to deliver good value, healthy, top quality ingredients and tasty food. For more information about our catering, click here!



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