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POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON November 16, 2013

There’s a lot of debate on the world-wide web of the Montreal Bagel vs. The New York Bagel.  We are, of course, partial.  We’ve been to NYC, and yes they are big, delicious, and chewy.  However, the aroma of our oven and the taste of true, artisanal prowess will convert any bagel aficionado!  Although we are in Ottawa, our bagel hails directly from Montreal’s original St. Viateur Bagel.  Our family has been all over television touting the greatness that is the St. Viateur Bagel – and guess what, the original three Ottawa Bagelshop bagels are exactly the same (sesame, poppy, and cinnamon raisin).

Here are 5 reasons why our bagels are sure to please your palette:


Hot bread is amazing.  It smells good, it tastes good, it looks good.  At our store you can see our bagels flying off the sheba (long wooden plank) into the bin, you know they were just in a wood-burning oven and soon you will have them in a paper bag, their warmth felt in your fingers.  The smokey sweet smell fills your nostrils and you can’t wait to get into your car so that you can bite into one…or two…or three!   Most bakeries bake their wares early on in the morning.  Not us, every 3 minutes throughout the day 3 dozen beautiful bagels are ready to eat.

Our Master baker, Toi Do tossing bagels into the bin.

Our Master baker, Toi Do tossing bagels into the bin.

2.  Hand-rolled makes them better.

Our doughs are made in 100lb batches and are made fresh right before we roll them.  While the roller works through the dough, it slowly changes as the yeast interacts with the other ingredients to make our chewy, sweet bagels.   The dough is cut into strips then rolled into the bagel shape.  By rolling the dough, it becomes tender and allows for the inside to remain chewy and the outsides crunchy.


3. Our wood-burning oven is magical

Ok, maybe not Harry Potter magical, but the flavour a wood-burning oven creates cannot be replicated by other means.  While our bagels are being cooked they are also being smoked.  Smoked like bbq, like salmon, like excellent deli meat.  We use only hard woods in our oven and the smokiness accentuates the sweetness, and the heat of the fire creates the crispy golden outside.


4. We’ve got Flavour (please note the capital “F”)!!!

We have 14 varieties of bagels.  And all of them are dipped in boiling honey water before being baked.  The honey helps create the golden glow, the crunch, and the subtle sweetness of all our flavors.   From the classic cinnamon raisin to our newest Rosemary bagel, we really span the sweet to savory taste continuum.



5.  We keep it real. We keep it simple.

With artisanal foods being on the rise (rightfully so!), we feel that we were slightly ahead of the trend as we’ve been hand-making our bagels for 30 years.  Regardless, our bagels are made without preservatives.  Without salt.  Without any dairy.   Only real ingredients that you can pronounce and know that it’s not a by-product of some science experiment.   Doesn’t that make you feel better?  With so many steps involved in making our bagels we are convinced that the quality of our product will speak for itself!