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If Bagels be the food of Love – Eat on!

POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON February 10, 2014

Bagel Love

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and I guess it’s nice to have a special day to feel all warm and snuggly in the cold never-ending winter month of February.  Here at the Bagelshop we have a wide selection of those special gifts that you can give to your sweetheart, including beautiful chocolate shoes, wonderful chocolates from Rogers, and delectable cakes and pastries from Dufflet.  Of course, if your honey loves honey we have that.  If your sweetie wants something sweet we have maple syrup, jamscookiescandies and more.  If your love wants breakfast in bed, we have the bagels, cream cheese, lox, and coffee and tea to make an easy luxurious brunch (just watch out for those seeds!). If you want something really special we’re offering Acadian Caviar at a great price – now that’s a way to pamper someone!

Spend $20 on any chocolates - including these beautiful chocolate shoes, and get a FREE pop-up card.

Spend $20 on any chocolates – including these beautiful chocolate shoes, and get a FREE pop-up card.

Let’s step away from the material aspects of St. Valentine’s shall we?  Let’s talk about what this day is really about – L O V E.
The wonderful thing about being an established business for 30 years is that we have had so many people walk through our doors.  So many lives intertwining and intersecting everyday.  Most of the people seen throughout your day will be inconsequential,  will be pleasant but forgotten.  But sometimes you’ll meet someone that will change your life forever – and it might be in the most unsuspecting of places – like your local neighbourhood Bagelshop.

Treat your sweet with a lovely cake from Dufflet!

Treat your sweet with a lovely cake from Dufflet!

Meet Jamie and Scott.   I like to call them super-regulars.  They know the entire staff, and the staff know them.  They were married in 2012 and have a beautiful baby girl. We’re very lucky that the Ottawa Bagelshop has a very special place in their lives.

Jaime and Scott and Baby G when she's only a few weeks old.

Jaime and Scott and Baby G when she’s only a few weeks old.

How exactly did you two meet?

Jaime:  I was sitting at a table in the corner of the shop, and Scott was sitting nearby at a different table.  When he got up to refill his coffee I noticed that he left a really big book on the table.  I was intrigued as to what he was reading, so when he got back I asked him about it.  He was embarrassed to answer that it was one of the Twilight books!  In the following weeks and months we would see each other regularly at the Bagelshop.  I’d be working on marking and on my Master’s, and he’d be reading and working as well.  We would say hello and chat but it wasn’t until 6 months have passed until we finally went on an official date.

What brought you to the Bagelshop that fateful day?

Jaime:  We talked about this, and we both feel that Bagelshop is such a welcoming, comfortable place.  There’s excellent food and coffee and great service.  We never feel rushed and it’s a great place to read or get work done.  It has a great neighborhood feel all the time.

What is it about the Bagelshop that keeps bringing you back? Is it really that romantic?

Jaime:  (Laughs) No! Whether or not it’s full and busy it’s always a pleasant, calm place to be.  Other breakfast places can be really noisy and overwhelming, so we’re happy to have a place that isn’t like that.  Again, with great food, great coffee and great staff we’re happy to keep coming back.
Thank you Jaime and Scott for telling your Bagelshop Love Story!  We look forward to seeing Baby G grow up here and start rolling bagels as soon as possible.  Do you have a bagelshop love story?  Is it a place you like to take your dates?  Send us an email and you could win a box of chocolates!  In the meantime, have a great breakfast for two with this coupon.