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30th Anniversary Approaches!

POSTED BY Liliana Piazza ON March 29, 2014

30 years of stories.

At the end of April we will be celebrating 30 years in business.

To celebrate this exciting milestone we would like to honour the years of hard work and diligence by my dad and my mom, and by all the amazing staff we have had over the years.  But most of all, we want to thank all our wonderful customers for their support. You are the reason we are still here. Thank you.

Today I have a favour to ask of you. Let us know your favourite Bagelshop story and you will be eligible to win a free dozen bagels a week for three months!  That’s twelve dozen bagels for FREE!!  Your story could be a Bagelshop family tradition, your favourite Bagelshop food, or a fond memory that centers around the Bagelshop.

Post your short tale (150 words max)  on our Facebook page, send us a tweet @ottawabagelshop, hashtag #bagelshopstory on Instagram or Twitter, or send us a message via our website and your story will be published on a special poster made to celebrate our 30th anniversary!  Your name / twitter /instagram name may be entered into a good ol’ fashioned draw and you can win our awesome prize!  Staff members old and new are welcome to participate too!*

To get your creative juices running I’ll provide you with some Bagelshop stories of my own.

School Days

When I was in grade 4 I went to Elmdale public school.  I have a strong memory that every day for lunch I would walk to the store, and get the salami bagelsub.  I would sit on the stairs to my dad’s office (this was before we expanded into the restaurant) and eat my sandwich.  It was always so good.  I loved the saltiness of the salami and the sweetness of the mayo on the chewy bagel.  It’s still one of my favourite comfort foods.

While writing this blog post, I got really hungry.  I obviously chose the Salami bagelsub.

While writing this blog post, I got really hungry. I obviously chose the Salami bagelsub. I was pretty happy with my choice.

Working at the Bagelshop

I’ve been working at the Bagelshop since I was 12 years old.   I worked there throughout my high school years and there was a point where there were at least 10 people from my high school or the neighbouring high schools working together.  Despite probably too much tomfoolery, we really did do a good job.  Erin was the first busgirl of the Bagelshop.  Jonathan the first coffee boy.  Apparently we were good at breaking gender stereotypes.  It was always fun to work on a Saturday, even though my dad would oversee my work on a regular basis. (Looks like some things never change!)

Bringing home Baby

After years away from Ottawa, I returned to work at the store when I was 5 months pregnant.  As my due date drew closer we had a baby draw to figure out the weight, birthday, and time of birth. As it happened,  staff member Tim guessed all three almost exactly right!.  One week later we introduced the new baby to the staff at the store.  We were welcomed with much excitement and joy.  I felt very blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.  It was a great and unique moment to introduce the baby to his Bagelshop family!bringingbabyhome*Please note that current staff members are not eligible to be entered into the draw.